The Ups and Downs of being a Boat Kid

The Ups and Downs of being a Boat Kid

Up: You get to go to all sorts of places. And when you’re down south its warm!

Down: On the way to all the places there can be big waves and you get seasick. And being seasick isn’t fun.

Up: You can find other boat kids everywhere. Almost everywhere we have been there has been at least one boat kid.

Down: There are not a lot my age. Most are below the age of 11 and that kind of sucks.

Up: The ones that are my age are awesome friends.

Down: Most of them are somewhere else right now and we might not see each other again.

Up: I can talk to all my old friends online and even play video games with them.

Down: We don’t have Wi-Fi that often and I can’t talk to anyone without it.

Up: When you are “boat-schooled” you have lots of free time to swim, play at the beach, and hang out with friends.

Down: You have lots of free time and when you’re stuck on the boat some days, you can’t go anywhere and it can get boring.

Up: You meet amazing famlies that are so much fun.

Down: You almost always have to say goodbye.

         Right now we are in La Cruz and probably going south to El Salvador and have to say goodbye to friends again.  We hope to see them again someday, and we will probably meet new friends. Being a boat kid comes with a lot of ups and downs but it usually ends up being okay.