Spirits of Salem

Spirits of Salem

9/9/22- We have been hosting an “After Hours Ghost Hunt” at Gallows Hill Theatre for the past year.  I keep saying that I’m going to start a blog post with all of our paranormal investigative findings.  I present the history of the building but I purposefully don’t tell people too much about the spirits that linger there when they come to our event.  I want them to discover their own evidence.  I wait until the end of the evening to tell them what names have come up for us over and over as tourists become our trained ghost hunters. I’m amazed that the same names come up each night with different guests.  So, today is the day to start a quick blog post… A Ghost Captain’s Log if you will.  I will update this as we discover more but the names we get most often are Paul and John.  We also get the number 19 coming up, which is the number of people hanged during the witch trials.  That’s all for now.  More later!

9/10/22- We heard a female voice but couldn’t make out the words. We heard footsteps and when they stopped, the K11 meter went crazy for a bit.  One of our attendees took a picture of what looks like a man in robe standing in the corner.

9/18/22- The K2 meter went to red 3x in a row when I asked it, and then I said “stop” and it did.  Someone said that the name Robert came to their mind.

9/23/22- A medium got the name Robert and Phil.

9/30/22- First sold out ghost hunt of the season.  Two different groups got the names Joe and Mike.  A photo was taken of what looks like a thick streak of light very similar to what tourists on my walking tours get in front of the Pickman house.

10/1/22- Robert again by two different groups.  Also the name Joe from two different groups.  A photo was taken of a shadow person, the other two photos showed nothing.

10/2/22- A kid did the “shave and a haircut” knock on the door and the K11 meter lit up twice to answer.

10/3/22- Had the most activity on the spirit box I’ve ever seen, ever, anywhere.  Direct answers.  Same male voice.  A group came from Spain and it answered them in Spanish.  Cinco (age? A kid?).  Next group in that room (English speaking) got the name Rick which was the name of the man’s dad.  They had a little chat through the spirit box.

10/4/22- Lots of names tonight.  Phil, Paul, Robert, Sam, Kristin, John.  Also got age 5 again (in English this time).  The air compressor went off and someone’s ghost radar app said, “Surprise!”

10/5/22- Rick again.  Also John. Spirit box said, “Can you hear me?”  Pretty good spirit box activity but not quite as much as the last few nights.

10/6/22- The spirit box said a man’s first AND last name.  He is named after his uncle who passed before he was born and we all felt that is who came through to say hello.  A photo was taken of a face in the mirror. (I’ll attach it soon)

10/7/22- We asked if the spirits in the room like watching tourists go through a haunted house during the day and the spirit box said, “amusing”.  We asked the meter to light up on the floor and we heard, “Ok” through the spirit box, and all of a sudden the lights on it started going crazy.  Two groups in two rooms got the name Jim at the same time.  Also Rick, Mike, Ana.

10/8/22- People usually say that they feel tired in the stairwell, and also that their legs feel heavy or they have leg cramps.  This happened a lot tonight.  People got the name Daniel in two rooms.  Ana again, maybe Anita?  The dowsing rods spin in circles for all for groups in the curiosities room.

10/9/22- Dowsing rods still spinning for everyone in that room.  Mel meter raised EMF # over by the door in the storage room.  No other meters picked anything up. Daniel again, Rick, Richard, Maggie/Mattie (with two groups).

10/10/22- Slower night than usual.  Got Carlos again, Mike, and Steve(n).  Rods still spinning in circles in the curiosity room.

10/11/22- Spirit box said 45 for two groups in a row.  Heard footsteps in the room next to us and we all swore Justin was about to come into the room but no one was there.  Got the names Mark, James, Wes.  And February (the fire in 1982 happened in February)

10/12/22- Spirit box said Arthur.  Arthur is the name of a woman’s father, she brought her son with her and said that Arthur is his middle name after him.  Then spirit box said “miss.”  She said she misses him too and they had a beautiful conversation with direct answers from either the spirit box or ghost radar, and the K11 meter would light up when asked.  Many other loud words with multiple syllables in the spirit box tonight but hard to make out.  Dowsing rods were spinning like crazy again in the curiosities room.  Two groups got the name Mike.  Also Paul, and the word winter.

10/13/22- Spirit box said a couple words but we couldn’t tell what it said.  We asked if they could repeat it.  We heard the same words in the same voice again but still couldn’t make it out.  We said, “Sorry but we can’t understand you.”  And the response was, “Bullshit.”  Super clear, we all heard it.  It was hilarious.

10/14/22- Spirit box said, “Tired” (Me too ghost buddy, me too.)  Direct responses on the K11 and spirit box. Heard “I have a problem.” ,  “I didn’t leave”, “Hanged”, and when I got up to check on another room it said, “Wait.”. When the K11 meter was raised towards the ceiling it would light up (because there are electrical wires up there) and someone said, “Is this you?” and it said, “Not me”.  When it went off closer to the ground, it said, “Me.”  Two different groups got Billy and Jean.  Also John and Paul again.  And Henry.  Someone said they think the skeleton on the other side of the wall is named Henry and I swear I’ve heard that before.

10/15/22- Slow evening.  The groups were very high energy on a very crowded day in Salem so they didn’t quiet down and sit as much.  We asked the spirit box to say the name of someone in the room and we heard, “Let me guess.”  And then said my name “Kim.”

10/16/22- The spirit box played a jazz song for at least 30 seconds.  It was scrolling through stations like normal so it definitely didn’t get stuck on one station.  We got the number 5 again. Age?  A lot of K11 answers on command.  Spirit box said, “What’s your name?” And we got the names Richard, Matt, and Mike tonight.

10/17/22- Two groups got Henry in the curiosities room.  Also Jack, Mitch. Little boy. Two groups left the stairwell early because they said the spirit box told them to leave.  Spirit box said, “Dylan” which was the name of someone in the room.  Other names for the evening:  Betsy, Paul, David, William, John.  The number 5 again.  And there was some weird intuitive synchronicites going on with two different attendees who looked familiar to each other and they both got the other’s names on their spirit boxes.  Kristen and Paris.

10/18/22- Another slow activity night because there was a large group with very high energy.  We heard footsteps back in the haunted house when we were in the Ouija board room and no one was there.  I told the spirit box, “You better chat with us now because there’s only a week and a half left, and then we won’t be back until summer.” and it said, “K, ciao!”  A couple groups got the name Rick.

10/19/22- As we were walking back to the ouija board room, half of us made it, the other half of the group was slow behind us.  The spirit box said, “Wait”. And then, “Everyone’s in” when the rest of the group caught up.  Another group, we asked it to say the name of someone in the room and it said, “Chris” which was the name of someone in the room.  He said that his full name is Christian though and the spirit box said, “Christian.”  Another group, someone asked, “Where are you?” and it said, “Turn around.”  Many groups got the name Mike tonight.

10/20/22- Ghost radar said Ben in the curiosities room and then the ghost meter started lighting up and beeping.  The group asked questions in the hallway and kept getting direct responses on it.  When asked to light up the meter 2x, it did.  A group got Jim on the spirit box after they got Jim in the previous room.  Asked, “Can you light up the meter?”  And heard, “Sure” and then it started lighting up.  Then heard “Robert”.  “If your name is Robert, light up the meter” and both K11 meters lit at the same time.  Heard footsteps in the next room, no one was there.  Heard “fun” so at least the spirits are having a good time. Someone sent me another photo with those strange streaks of light again. (I’ll post photos later)

10/21/22- Lots of direct answers to questions with the K11 meter tonight.  Many loved ones coming through. Names tonight: Paul, James, Benjamin, Jimmy, Tom, George, Mike.  Firefighter came up for a couple different groups.

10/22/22-  People were talking about how they were freaked out walking through the dark and the spirit box said, “You’re ok.”  Someone asked “Why do you want to talk to me?” and it said “I don’t know.”  A group of girls came who are studying the crucible and they asked questions about Abigail Williams and the spirit box said “Abby”.

10/23/22- Slow evening without a lot of activity. Names tonight: Jimmy, Bob, Carlos, Ben, Bay? Ray? Twice it sounded like the spirit box said my last name.

10/24/22- Spirit box said Dave.  Two people in the room knew a Dave that passed, one was a grandfather, one was an uncle.  They asked which Dave and it said, “Uncle”.  Also heard “You’re with me” and “it’s fun.” Keegan or Ian maybe?  Someone took 3 photos in a row and one of them had a shadow of a head and shoulders.  As another group was walking back to the Ouija Board room, the spirit box said, “This way” and then when we were all in the room it said, “You made it.”  Also “Captain”, “Don’t go” We also heard footsteps again this evening.  And a group was told to leave the stairwell again.  Other names: Brian, Peter, Thomas.

10/25/22- Spirit box said “Hi there”.  Heard footsteps again. We asked, “Can you light that meter up to red?” and it said, “Trying. Light.” Someone asked, “Do you miss your physical body?” and we heard “Hurts.”  Someone in the stairwell asked, “Can you help us?” and spirit box said, “With what?”  Other names: Carlos, Mike, Edward.

10/26/22- Almost everyone in the room is a nurse and the spirit box said, “Bloodwork”. One woman asked if her loved ones were there.  She said quite a few names in a row, one of them was Johnny.  The spirit box answered back “Johnny”. Another Arthur came through which was someone’s grandfather.  Someone said, “Have a nice day” as we were leaving and spirit box said, “Thank you”. Other names:  Jeff, Walter.

10/27/22- Someone got the name John and then after switching rooms asked, “Is this John” and it said, “That’s my name. I’m John” Other names: Mike, Dave, Sally, Tim. Alice, Robert.

10/28/22- As soon as the first group got to the Ouija Board Room, the spirit box said, “Welcome back. Hello.” We asked if the spirit could light the K11 3x to red and it said, “Trying. It’s hard.” And then it lit up to red 3x. Other names: Jeff, Paul, Robert, Dan, Dave, William.

10/29/22- In stairwell: Paul, Steve, Wilson, Frank, burn, smoke, death.  Go home.  Watch out.  Ouija Board Room: Mike, Joe, Andy. Ray in main room.

10/30/22- Heard “What the f*ck” on the spirit box.  Richard, cheater. And then “I’m here” and all the meters in the room went nuts with dowsing rods pointing at the meters. Asked, “What’s your last name?” Heard, “Brown”. (Brown street?) Also names Jordan, Paul, Henry, Brian.