Litha Crew Post from April 4, 2022

We went to New Hampshire for my birthday and the hotel there had a full size fridge.  Obviously my kids have seen plenty of full size refrigerators as we visit friends and family…  but I guess this one was fascinating because it was empty? Evie was asking about every single shelf and drawer wanting to know what they were all for.  I was cracking up about it (on the inside) and snapped this photo.  

She’s like a mermaid out of water.  Kids always have this fascination with life.  They see things in a way that, as adults, we don’t see. But my little mermaid sees life in an even more fascinating way.  Shortly after I took this photo of refrigerator exploration, I snapped this one…

Curled up in a windowsill, watching the snow fall.   

I like to imagine seeing the world the way she sees it.  For those of you with kids, imagine seeing the world the way your kids do.  

Imagine the world like a mermaid who just emerged from the sea, seeing everything for the first time.  I bet we’d all be more present and notice beautiful details that we’d never noticed before.