My Story

About Me

Hey, my name is Kimberly Peterson (Previously Bizjak. I’ve now re-claimed my maiden name) and I’m really terrible at my elevator speech.

My life has never been very conventional, and it’s taken me a long time to realize that it is completely ok to be unique.  If you really want to know everything about me, read my personal journey in my book Ghost Stories & Hippie Sh*tI’m working on my next book as well!) But here in this “About Me” section of my website, I’ll at least sum up and say that I am a Hippy/Sea Witch/Healer/Pagan and I love being connected with nature and living by the moon’s cycles.  I live to travel and I love photography and art.  My favorite smells are the ocean, rain, freshly cut grass, and a Pacific Northwest forest.   I am a Pisces/ Cancer Rising/ Gemini Moon and my North Node is in Leo.  (If you have no idea what that means, check out my Celestial Navigation Astrology readings, I’d love to teach you!)

I look forward to hanging out with you, whether it’s a short private reading, months of astrology school, coaching, or walk through Salem.


Professional Credentials:


Master of Arts in Theatre Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sound Design

Reiki Master Teacher (Usui Holy Fire)

Certified Tuning Fork Therapist and Teacher (Sound Healing)

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed Salem Massachusetts Tour Guide

Licensed Salem Massachusetts Fortune Teller

Certified Transformation Life Coach



Wait… aren’t you that girl who lived on a boat?

Yep.  For 5 years I lived aboard a sailboat. In 2018, we sold our house and almost everything we owned to buy our home afloat “Litha” (a 1988 Irwin 54 sailboat) and set sail for Central America.  I homeschooled my kids and they were given the cultural experience of a lifetime, teaching them to be citizens of the world and not just white-picket-fence-USA. 

It definitely wasn’t always sunshine and snorkeling as we spent the next two years sailing from California to New England.  There were storms, rough seas, and cramped quarters, but we learned so much about our planet, our dreams, and ourselves.

We visited 8 countries (Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama) and crossed the Panama Canal. Plans changed a bit due to COVID and we ended up pausing our travels back in Salem Massachusetts so our son could attend high school.

… And now my adventure continues as we sell the boat and I begin a brand new life. I recently walked 70 miles from Sarria to Santiago on the Camino in Spain.  It was my first-ever time I’ve traveled alone.  That trip taught me that I’m resilient, determined, independent, and can make it through the hardest things.


In 2010 I founded a tour company in Salem, MA called Paranormal Salem after being trained by TAPS Academy in Warwick, RI (SciFi’s Ghost Hunters.)  I used to teach the public about the paranormal using ghost hunting equipment on the streets of Salem.  Now that I am back in Salem, you can find me doing historical walking tours throughout the year, and hosting an indoors ‘After Hours Ghost Hunt’ at Gallows Hill Theatre every night in October!  Here are a few articles written about me and my old company: