Litha Crew Post from January 18, 2022

I’ve stopped looking at Zillow everyday.  Tucked into Pickering Wharf feels like home.  I mentioned last month that we have real comcast home internet. and we’re right down the ramp from restaurants and shops.  We walk more.  This winter has been really mild so it’s been great to get outside.  

Salem is such a small town that we see people we know everywhere we go.  We’re considered regulars at our favorite restaurants and our waitresses know us.  Salem used to feel like home when we lived here before, but is hasn’t felt like that again until now.  We were only half a mile down the street from where we are now, but it just feels so much better.  Even covered in plastic doesn’t bother me like it did last year.  We’re a few steps to shore rather than a quarter mile down a long dark dock.  We have decided to stay here through summer season.  No more dinghying the kids back and forth to school.  This is home now.  (At least until May 1, 2023, maybe longer.)

We have friends here that are family to us and spent the holidays together like we did last year.  It. Just. Feels. Good.  I’m finally feeling ok about not traveling at the moment.  It has taken me a year and a half to finally feel settled.

Justin and I had conversations while we sailed about how some people live their whole lives in one place and how we just couldn’t imagine life that way.  His grandfather was born 3 houses from the house where he died in a tiny town near Walla Walla, WA called Touchet.  There’s something to be said about such a small quaint life.  Everyone in that small town knows his family.  They are remembered for generations.  You leave your mark on a place like that forever.  We will definitely travel again when Tyler graduates high school in a couple years, but for now, we’re happy making our mark on Salem again.

So, my lesson this past holiday season… home.  Appreciate your little corner of the world.  It’s comfortable and warm and cozy.  And make your mark there.

A lot has changed since I wrote this.  As I’ve said before, cruisers plans are written in sand at low tide.