Litha Crew Post from March 10, 2021

Well, a Nor’easter blew the shrink wrap off of Litha about 4 weeks earlier than we planned to take it off.  The whole starboard side was exposed and torn.  It wasn’t repairable, and if we left it up, the next storm that blows through would just create a huge balloon and ruin it more.  So, we took it off.  OMG! I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels to be out from under a giant sheet of plastic!  

I knew that I was really feeling the Winter/Pandemic funk, but I didn’t realize how depressed I was actually feeling until I started to be able to see out my portlights again… or SIT IN THE COCKPIT AND SEE OUTSIDE!!  😃 

The last 3 years I was able to be in warm climates, completely skipping the seasonal depression (however mild mine has always been.) But geeez!  This has been a doozy of a Winter.  Only 3 more weeks until Spring!  I cannot wait!

Lesson this month….  BREATHE!  Go outside, take your mask off (Safely, alone, in your back yard) and take some deep soothing breaths.  We’ll get through this together.  The sun is coming back!