Litha Crew Post from February 10, 2021

For those of you here who weren’t on my Patreon page, I’ll catch you up a little bit about my thoughts from the last few “Lessons from Litha” newsletters from the last months of 2020.  Summary: Living on a boat covered in plastic in New England in the winter during a pandemic is miserable. I’ve was writing about literally living in a bubble, and how much I appreciate actual shelter that doesn’t move, and friends who have opened their homes to us when the weather gets terrible.

I miss sailing. I also miss having a house.  This whole half sea/half land life doesn’t really work as well as I thought.  Even though we are surprisingly warm on board with our reverse AC unit, space heaters, and electric blankets, and a huge dehumidifier…. There’s ice forming on the hull, the dock is slick with snow and salt, there’s frost on the inside of our portlights (windows), and the walls are constantly covered in mold.  

I find myself really jealous of my friends who have warm snuggly houses and wish we were living a more “normal” life right now.  I mean, we can’t even do the usual we-live-in-the-US-again convenient stuff like order food delivery. The road is about .25 miles from the end of the dock.  It’s hard to time when they’re coming, or you have to stand out there in the cold waiting for them.  It’s just little things like that that are wearing me down a bit.

As usual in the winter, we all complain about bad weather and how cooped up we feel right now.  Winter always feels like that, but during a pandemic is even worse. However, most people HAVE A WHOLE HOUSE! WITH WINDOWS!  I remember feeling cooped up in the winter before, but there’s not a lot of people who understand feeling quite as shrouded and trapped as us right now.  Justin doesn’t even understand.  He goes to work everyday, the kids and I hardly ever leave our 54’x16′ space.

BUT… light is returning.  As we left Litha a few nights ago to have dinner at a friend’s house around 5pm, I was so excited to see that it was still light outside.  It was calm that evening on the water with a glowing orange sunset.  That light gave me a lot of hope that we’re getting through winter.  Only 8 more weeks and we can take the shrink-wrap off the boat.  OMG.  Home stretch!

So, lesson this month is to bring that light in!  I haven’t even taken our Christmas lights down yet.  (That’s another tangent of mine actually.  People put those up too early.  Put them up on the Winter Solstice, and take them down on the Spring Equinox.  We all need more light right now and that’s historically what holiday lights are for!”  Anyway, I digress…) My point… The light is returning and we’ll all get through this.  Even us, on a frozen moldy boat.