Litha Crew Post from May 5, 2021

I thought that I wanted the harbor to start filling with boats again.  I thought that I wanted to start talking to people now that the weather is getting nice.  I thought that I wanted to feel less isolated.  Turns out, I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all.  

I’ve never considered myself an empath.  I’ve always known what energy belongs to me, and what energy belongs to others.  I know how to protect myself from “energy vampires” and I regularly teach my clients energetic protection techniques as well.  So it’s weird to me to all of a sudden be surrounded by boats at the dock when we’ve been alone all winter… and feel like I want to hide.  

My good parking spot keeps being occupied, people are noisy with dock carts and supplies, and I constantly feel the wake of boats going to and fro. I’m like an elderly woman on my porch yelling, “Get off my lawn you crazy kids!”  

So now I’m assuming that everyone else must be feeling like this a bit, right?  Covid numbers are low, people are being vaccinated, and we’re all trying to figure out how to “people” again.  (Photo of Tyler headed into his first day of in-person school since 5TH GRADE!  He’s definitely figuring out how to “people” again too!)

So, where are my empaths at?  How are you feeling as the world slowly opens?  April’s Lesson From Litha is more of a conversation starter than a lesson.  Or maybe the lesson is that we aren’t alone in feeling this way?  <3