Patreon Post from June 9, 2020

The bottom of our boat gets so much sea growth that Justin needs to use our small air compressor and a hookah to dive down and scrape the bottom every few weeks. Today, Evie opened a can of soup and put it in the microwave… and I forgot that Justin was under the boat. If we use the microwave and the air compressor at the same time, the breaker trips and Justin would run out of air. (It happened once. He was ok.) So we stopped the microwave and slowly microwaved her soup in 30 second increments between the air compressor filling with air. Bet you’ve never had to worry about that!

Bugs. I’m so upset about the stupid little weevils that end up in EVERYTHING. I grabbed the paprika off the shelf the other day and there were tons of them inside the little jar. How do they get in there? We throw so much food overboard because of these damn things. We even vacuum seal our flour, rice, and pasta, and sometimes they still make their way in. I bought some Near East Rice Pilaf when we arrived in Key West. I love that stuff and haven’t had it since we left San Diego. I was SO EXCITED for US convenience foods (there isn’t much else I’m excited about as we arrive back in this country right now.) And I poured it into the boiling water today and dozens of tiny bugs floated to the surface. Honestly, I cried. $4 overboard.

And lastly, the US is so crowded with boats. So many people do dumb things on the water. Jet skiers and small motor boats loaded with bikini clad women zooming too close to MY HOME while drinking too many beers. Ugh!!! I have so much anxiety. Litha is all we have.

And then I feel guilty for complaining about these small things when so many people have it worse. I think I need to go camping in the mountains or something soon and find a much different slice of paradise.

Much love from Cape Lookout, NC!