Litha Crew Post from June 3, 2021

This photo popped up in my facebook memories recently from 2 years ago. Ack!  I want to go back to being somewhere tropical!  

I was pulling Tarot cards for client the other day and Evie walked in while I was shuffling.  She said, “Can I pull a card?”  “Yeah, sure kiddo.”  She pulled the Death card.  She looked at it like it was the scariest thing ever and I explained that the Death card just means change.  So we talked about things that are changing right now… we just moved back out to the mooring ball this month, she’s almost done with 2nd grade and will be a 3rd grader in a few weeks… AND she’s finally sleeping in her bed the “normal way”.  She was so little when we moved aboard that she slept on her bed sideways so that she had more room for her stuffed animals.  She doesn’t fit that way anymore so we bought a hanging net for her stuffed animals.  She keeps growing and changing every day.  So does my son.  He’s been taller than me for quite a while now.

After she pulled that card, I started thinking about how the Death card relates to Astrology.  That’s the card that correlates with the planet Pluto (and yes, Pluto is a planet… fight me!) and also the 8th house.  The 8th house is known as the house of Death, Taxes, and Sex.  

So, the day this photo popped up on my memories, I was reminiscing about how much I miss cruising… and the harbor police stopped by our boat, followed Tyler in our dinghy on his way home from school.  Long story short… he told me we needed to register our dinghy in Massachusetts (aka: Taxachusetts).  I told him, that, no… I didn’t need to do that.  Litha is registered with the US Coast Guard and not a state, and that our dinghy was our tender.  Only used to go to and from shore and to provision.  We have no bill of sale.  It came with Litha when we bought her 3 years ago.  He sorta scratched his head and told me to find out how I register it and then told me he was going to “disappear now” and that he “told me the information.” (aka: He has no idea what he’s talking about and he only pulled Tyler over because he’s a kid, and turns out he wasn’t doing anything wrong.)

Anyway… I keep saying over and over, that the US is the land of the free… with more rules and regulations than any other country.  I long to get the eff out of here again.  We pay the marina to use the mooring ball, and then we pay the Salem Harbormaster a mooring fee that goes to the city.  And THEN we just found out there’s ANOTHER yearly fee for a harbor “use fee” that goes to the state.  When reading about that tax, it shows that would be $22,000 a year!!  Like… WHAT?!  No.  We’re moving back to the tropics.  Turns out, because Litha is older than 7 years, it just goes by length and not value, so it should only be $205.  But, really?  $205 a year for me to use the ocean?!!?  That’s a bunch of BS.  

Anyway… I don’t know what the “lesson” is this month in this… maybe “Be glad if you live in a state other than Taxachusetts?”  (Lesson for Ana, who is in the group and almost ready to leave the US… “Get out while you can!” Haha!) But really, I think the message is to just take a deep breath and be willing to transform, change, and go with the flow…even when the flow pisses you off.  🙂