Litha Crew Post from September 9, 2022

I actually don’t have some big lesson for July.  Much of the month was spent on vacation.  We spent 4th of July weekend sailing around the Boston Harbor Islands with our friends.  And then the last couple weeks in July was spent on vacation for our 20th wedding anniversary.  We visited friends and family in Seattle (the first time we had been home in 4 years since sailing away… except for a short sneaky trip I took alone in April to surprise my best friend for her bday.), and then we went on a cruise to Alaska… without the kids!

I could probably go into this long spiel about the environment and glaciers melting, etc… just like I could go on about coral bleaching and dying all over the world… but I’ll just say that we enjoy every moment and every bit of nature we get to see when we see it.  You never know how much it’ll continue to change.  Maybe that’s a lesson…. to run out and see nature before it disappears.  Sad and pessimistic maybe, but it’s true.

Alaska was beautiful.  Coffee, salmon, evergreen trees, hoodies and jeans in the summer.  It was a wonderful trip and I’d love to go again sometime.  And it sounds silly for us to leave our boat just to go on another boat, but a cruise was a really amazing way to see Alaska. And it was neat for us watching our speed and location using our Navionics app.  We also have a knack for spotting sea life that other passengers don’t have.

So there you have it folks.  We went on vacation.  We celebrated our marriage, just the two of us.  I took time off and completely unplugged.  That could be a lesson for you too.  I hope you all had a wonderful summer with your own vacation.  <3

Ouch.  This one hurts.  I think this was truly the last time my husband and I connected… while we enjoyed nature… that is also disappearing.