Litha Crew Post from November 6, 2021

Well, October was completely insane.  Salem had record-breaking crowds this year.  Justin and I were busy nonstop 18 hours a day.  Seriously… 6am to midnight.  We’d get up at 6am, he’d go to work, I’d make the kids breakfast and take the them to school. I’d come back home and take a short nap, and then see clients in my office downtown.  I’d pick up the kids, drop them off at the marina, and head straight to my first walking tour of the day.  I’d do 4-5 walking tours, Justin would come home and feed the kids dinner, take a short nap, and then meet me for our After Hours Ghost Hunt that we hosted until 11:30pm.  Then we’d walk home, go to sleep, and do it all over again the next day.  It was completely exhausting… yet so much fun, and we made a lot of extra money.  Salem has always been good to my wallet.  

We made enough extra money to stay at Pickering Wharf Marina all year long.  No more dinghying out to the mooring field for 6 months out of the year.  It’s going to be really wonderful and so convenient.  We were technically downtown before, but now we’re REALLY downtown.  Like, the restaurants are just feet from us.  Hopefully it isn’t too loud this summer, but winter should be pretty chill.  

I took this photo halfway through October at sunrise.  I really appreciated living on the water during the hoards of tourists.  It was a small slice of peace every morning before we began our insane day.  So, I think that’s my lesson to you this month…. Find your peace.  Get up and watch the sunrise.  Go on a short walk around your neighborhood.  Or maybe just sit outside to have your morning coffee and listen to the birds.  Just something that you can do that even just takes a few minutes before you begin your hectic day.  I’m telling you, it really helps!  Have a great day!