Patreon Post from August 21, 2020

I don’t fit in.

The past 2 years, I tried to blend, to not stand out. I tried to make it look like I belonged in whatever country we were visiting. For example, I watched what locals did in grocery stores. Thoughts like, “Does this store bag the groceries for me or is there a place at the end of the registers to do it myself?” “Do I tip my cashier or baggers here?” “Do I need a sticker for my produce?” “Do I ask for meat at the deli in pounds?” I didn’t want to stand out.

Traveling up the coast when we arrived back in the US, I was still trying to blend in. “Does this city allow us ashore?” “Does this grocery store take cards or only cash?” “Are masks required here?”

And now that I’m back in Salem, MA… a place I once called home… I still don’t fit in.

Everyone is stressed. Everyone is in such a hurry. Everyone is so distracted. Everyone is staring at their phones.

And I fully understand that COVID has caused chaos for everyone, but…

My travels have taught me to slow down. To connect. To make eye contact. To smile. To take deep breaths. To appreciate my surroundings. To just be.

I’m really not sure if, over time, I will adapt back into my old typical busy way of being, or if I will teach my friends, family, and you… my Patron to adapt to my new ways.

I’m learning to fit in.

This is interesting to read now.  It’s definitely taken some time, but I’m absolutely back to the “old typical busy way of being”.  This is a good reminder for me, and for you to slow down.