Patreon Post from July 2, 2020

I keep thinking about all the things I want to say that we can teach you from the month of June so thanks for being patient with me as I’ve needed a little extra time to write this up. 

It’s been quite a unique experience being able to travel and visit so many different states during COVID.  Each time we arrived in a new city or state, we would have to check the rules.  Are dinghy docks open?  Are we allowed to go to shore?  Do we need to quarantine when we arrive? Is Uber running here?  Can I bring my own bags to the grocery store?  Can Justin and I go together or are the stores here one at a time?  Do they take cash or only cards? 

We are used to the feeling of initial confusion and excitement when we arrive at a new place the past 17 months, but this has been… weird… even for us… even when we’re back in the US and able to speak English.  

Don’t get me wrong.. it’s also been so amazing.  We had full roam of National Parks, visiting almost completely by ourselves.  We were able to walk empty streets in cities that are usually packed with tourists.  We were able to connect with our tiny group of cruisers in an even closer way than cruisers we have met in the past.

But then a couple weeks ago, adding BLM protests and riots into the pandemic mix made figuring out what we can and can’t do even more difficult.  For example, in Charleston, businesses that should be open were forced to close again.  Tyler wanted a new book and we always like to support local bookshops.  The owner of a small shop was boarding up to prepare for night two of riots.  She allowed us to come in and sadly joked, “Welcome to the end of the world.  Can I get you some reading material?”

I decided to try my best to not make this month’s Lessons from Litha political, but it is just so sad how the US is so divided. Seeing the US from afar and from the eyes of Latin Americans was incredibly eye-opening.  It was also eye-opening coming “home” by entering the southern states where people seem to be less open-minded and less kind. (Refusing to wear masks, assuming all BLM protesters are rioters, and flying their Trump and Confederate Flags all over the place.)  But it shouldn’t be “us vs them” and I can’t even begin to come up with a solution to make the United States united again.

This brings me to why June’s lesson was so hard.  I decided the lesson is simply… It is ok not to know what to do right now, as long as we’re starting the conversation.  Go with the flow.  Ask questions.  Do your best to turn confusion and chaos into excitement and change.  

Love, light and sea to you all!

With everything going on in the world and in this country right now, is it still ok not to know what to do?  What a difference 3.5 years makes, huh?