Patreon Post from December 1, 2020

Living in a bubble… literally.

We have spent the past few weeks winterizing Litha.  We built a frame out of conduit, added a door, and spent hours and hours wrapping her in plastic and shrinking with a heat gun.  We completely finished 2 days ago… and then last night it all came apart in a storm.  Ack.  Super discouraging to feel like this project was complete, and turns out we still have a lot to do.  Justin called into work this morning and told them he would be coming in late today, went to home depot to buy repair supplies, and he’s out there working away.  

I love how cozy it has been with the plastic wrap the past couple weeks… it creates a greenhouse effect and it’s nice and toasty out there.  It’s also really nice to feel like we just doubled our indoor square footage.  We talked about how we can put up a rod and hangers to hang our winter jackets on deck, and that Evie can build blanket forts outside.  

But last night as the wind was howling and I watched the entire port side of the plastic come up, it was weird to be able to see outside.  The plastic is “clear”… but honestly it’s not really.  I can see shapes and colors through it, but that’s about it.  It was literal and metaphorical fresh air to watch the plastic lifting and blowing, however violently.  Like fog was lifting and I didn’t even realize I didn’t like the fog in the first place.

This is going to be a loooooong winter guys.  We’ve only been at the dock for one month and I’m already longing to be out sailing again.  Also, we have been in Salem for 5 months now…. exactly the amount of time we were in El Salvador last year for hurricane season.  I’m feeling antsy.  It helps to know that everyone is feeling antsy right now as the cold weather arrives and CoronaVirus makes going anywhere and doing anything really hard.

We’re in this together everyone!  Let’s all make the most of being in our winter bubbles.  Think cozy thoughts and we’ll get through it.  

Yeah that first winter back was rough.  We were way out at the last dock in the marina, it was a long icy walk to shower in the marina bathrooms every morning.  It was dark and cold and very isolating out there.  But, I got through it… just like I’ve gotten through everything else since then.