Litha Crew Post from October 6, 2021

Well, darn.  Summer is over.  I really did get used to summer after having 3 years of it non-stop.  If you’ve followed my posts for a long time, you’ll know that winter aboard last year was terrible.  Litha was covered in plastic and we had many sleepless nights rolling around in Nor’Easters.  So, when the kids started school, I got a little bummed.  Also, this is Evie’s first year of “real” school EVER.  She was homeschooled, and then remote last year.  It’s weird dropping my baby off all day for the first time.  We dinghied to shore during a beautiful sunrise on that first day.  The kids were super excited.

And then days later, we were dinghying to shore in the rain, and it’s barely light out.  The kids and I have to go to shore an hour earlier than we need to because Justin has to go to work.  So we sit and stall in the laundry/shower dockhouse until it was time to leave for school.  It wasn’t very fun.  

We decided to pay extra to come to the dock early.  Best decision!  For the first time ever, we have access to unlimited fresh water that we didn’t have to make ourselves. (Last year they turn off the water for winter right as we arrived in November, and the dock water in Central America isn’t potable.) Do you know how amazing it is to be able to use as much water as I want for laundry and dishes?  And take normal (but still quick) showers!?  Aaah. I can get used to this.

Still not looking forward to winter, but we’ll be moving to a much more protected marina this year so hopefully it’ll be nice and calm in there.   

Anyway… this month’s Lesson from Litha… Fresh water is amazing.  Homes that are on (or attached to) land are amazing.  Kids going back to school is amazing.  And leaves are about to change color… which is also amazing. (Definitely missed that in our never-ending summer.)  Happy Fall!  🍁 🍂 🍃