After attending a few writing workshops at the Seattle Boat Show, I learned that when you hear the same question over and over again, it’s time to write about it:

“When are you guys leaving?”

Short answer:  We don’t know.

Slightly longer answer:

Our house goes on the market in 6 days (eek!), February 25th.  We then cross our fingers and hope it sells quickly.  If we received the perfect offer on day 1, and accepted it, it would be 30 days until closing.  30 days to hold estate sales to sell the rest of our belongings, pack, and be out of our home.

Then, we move into our travel trailer and start boat shopping.  We may find the perfect boat here in the Pacific Northwest, we may find one we love on the other side of the country.  We just don’t know.  Justin might fly somewhere to look at one, decide we love it, and then we drive the truck and trailer (along with everything we own) to the boat, and begin the purchase process. Who knows how many boats we look at before we find the perfect fit for our family.

Next, we prepare our new boat for world cruising and sell our truck and trailer.  Depending on where in the US we purchase our new home afloat, we either begin our journey on the East Coast and spend some time in the Bahamas and down through the Panama Canal.  Or ideally we find a boat on the West Coast and cruise down to the Baja.

Our goal is to cross the Pacific Ocean in February of next year with a rally called ARC.  There would be about 200 other people all making the 3 week jump from Mexico to the Marquesas at the same time.  We’d have parties and BBQ’s in SoCal and meet other cruising families before making the big journey together.

So, summary of our slightly longer answer:  We have a goal to set sail across the Pacific Ocean February of 2019 but we have a long process ahead of us with a lot of variables.

As we transition from land to sea, we are learning how to just go with the flow.