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Astrological Love Reading By Email- Choose Basic PDF or Deep Dive Ebook

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Common questions like, “Are Pisces compatible with Geminis?” are really not simple.  You are so much more than your sun sign and you really should be looking at your entire chart to find answers to these questions.  This reading gives insight about how you give and receive love.  Knowing this information about yourself will help you when searching for a partner.

If you already have a partner, this reading would provide insight in strengthening your relationship.


Basic PDF–  A 2 page emailed reading.  This is a solo love reading to provide basic insight about how you give and receive love, and what kind of partner works best for you.


Deep Dive Ebook for a much more advanced reading as a colorful, downloadable keepsake Ebook.  This reading dives much deeper into your relationship by comparing two charts using synastry and composite charts.  This includes an overview of each person’s individual personality, and how your personalities interact as a couple.  This is a great reading to do to strengthen your existing relationship, and would also make a really great anniversary gift for you or loved ones.

Please provide your Birthdate, Time, and Place in the designated space on the Checkout Page.  (And also your partner’s if choosing the Deep Dive Ebook reading) I need all 3 in order to read your chart. You may use the “Order Notes” section on the check-out page for any specific question you have, or other information you’d like me to know.

Allow 3-4 business days for Basic PDF reading, and 5-7 business days for Deep Dive Ebook.

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Basic PDF, Deep Dive Ebook