Astrology Crash Course Workshop (Zoom)


Astrology Crash Course Workshop: Saturday February 17, 2024!  Virtual via Zoom 11am-3pm EST.



Astrology Crash Course Workshop: Playfully learn how to decode your birth chart.

This visual, hands-on workshop is perfect for beginners and anyone curious about what beautiful secrets their birth chart holds.

It’s a simple but enlightening method for how to think about the planets, signs, and houses of your chart, as well as how to add all of those pieces together to create the cohesive, meaningful story of your soul.

If you’re fascinated by Astrology but still confused on how to ‘put it all together’, I’ll teach you techniques you won’t learn anywhere else that will make it all ‘click.’

  • Come in blind and leave with a copy of your chart and the basic confidence to read it!
  • Cut and paste your way to a deeper knowledge of your soul contract with fun visuals, glue sticks, scissors, and ‘Mad Libs’-style fill-in-the-blank sentences.
  • No previous knowledge of Astrology required!

In this workshop you’ll learn every quick trick I have to understanding your chart at lightning speed – AND have a ton of fun in the process.

Learning Astrology is one of the most profound ways of coming into our true, divine empowerment…

and I’m offering you an opportunity to jet set yourself on that mission.

So if you’re ready to step into an even deeper level of evolution and learn how to use the healing tool of Astrology for yourself…

…then claim your spot in this one-of-a-kind workshop! 

I come from a background in theatre and fine arts, so the way I teach allows for the creativity of intuition to mix with the heady technical details of this ancient science.

And THIS is what allows participants of my Crash Course Workshop to effortlessly learn how to read their Astrology Chart on both a symbolic, right-brained level AND a technical, left-brained level in only 4 hours!

And… this workshop is great for teens, as well as kids over the age of 10. (My daughter is 11 and will be joining!)


You’ll be working with your own unique Birth Chart for this workshop, so knowing your exact Date, Time, and Place of Birth is a must.  You must include that information in the space provided in the checkout section when registering for the workshop. 

You must have access to a printer.  You will receive a copy of your birth chart and a 24 page PDF for you to print.  You will also need scissors, a glue stick, and markers or colored pencils for class.

Workshops are held at via Zoom from 11am-3pm EST.  There will be a 20-30 minute lunch break at 1pm.