Patreon Post from January 3, 2021

Happy New Year everyone!!!  

What I have learned from living aboard a sailboat in the freezing waters of New England in the December…. is that I MISS SAILING SO MUCH!  Aaaahhhh!!!  This whole sitting in one place covered in plastic is not my jam.  Evie keeps having dreams that we are sailing somewhere warm.  She gets all teary-eyed when she tells me about them and I don’t blame her.  I get teary-eyed too!  However, we made our decision and we’re sticking with it (no matter how much I regret not sailing to Florida this winter! Ha)

Luckily, we have amazing friends who take care of us so much out here.  Anytime I don’t want to be on board because a nor’easter is coming, our friends are literally shelter from the storm.  I don’t know what we’d do without our pod family.  We spent Hannukah, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with them.  We even spent the night on Christmas Eve because it blew 50 knots all night. 

The Lesson from Litha this month is to appreciate your home as a physical shelter… And appreciate your friends as emotional shelter.  When we were sailing in warm waters, it’s beautiful to be out in nature, feeling the rock of the boat in the sea, and being with our cruiser friends everyday.  Right now in snowy, windy winter, I honestly really want to get off Litha as much as possible and be in a shelter that doesn’t move.  I barely heard the strong wind out the windows of their home as I was laying in bed on Christmas.  There’s something wonderfully snug and safe about that.  

Do yourself a favor and lay in bed listening to the rain and wind all comfy in your bed, and really let it sink in how fortunate you are.  Send a little prayer of thank you to all your friends and family who are there for you no matter what.  

Happy Holidays.  Love you all!