Patreon Post from February 20, 2020

I really thought when we moved aboard and started sailing that I’d have so much more time. I thought I’d learn to play the ukulele, I thought I’d learn new cooking methods, and that I would finally use those watercolors I purchased ages ago.

Over a year since we left the US and I honestly don’t feel like I have any more time than I used to. Maybe less!

Sailing, researching where we are going next, “boat chores”, and making sure our home doesn’t float away while at anchor is pretty much a full time job. Add homeschool, a podcast, a blog, a YouTube channel… AND a business with clients to see… I think I have less time than I had before. (I released a book and created an online class in there too!)

What I have learned though, is that I’ve slowed down. I’m not in a hurry anymore, and maybe that’s why it feels like I have no time. But it doesn’t matter! Grocery shopping takes an entire day with no vehicle and a language barrier… but when we arrive back home and I begin to cook dinner, I pour myself a glass of wine or a rum punch, and I enjoy the process. I haven’t used my favorite Pampered Chef kitchen gadgets since I moved aboard. I once thought I couldn’t live without my food chopper. Now I love to dice each onion by hand, and I realize how soothing it is. Almost like meditating while slicing veggies. 😉

You’d think the salty ocean air and the boat rocking on the sea helps, and I’m sure it does. But even if you don’t live on a sailboat, and your life seems hectic… Try slowing down and finding that moment of solitude… even in the most mundane of tasks. Any small moment that isn’t hectic, slow down and appreciate it.

It’s interesting reading this now over 3 years later.  I’ve finally been learning to play the ukulele and I’m in a club called Salem Ukulele Magic.  I also just found that watercolor sketchbook kit a few days ago after moving into my new apartment.  Looks like it’s time to try that out next along with some new cooking methods in my giant beautiful kitchen.