Litha Crew Post from March 21, 2023 (Catching up from January 2023)

This January, I finally got the tattoos that I’ve been wanting for years.  I’m going through a major life cycle transit called the Uranus Opposition.  It’s the “midlife crisis” that we all go through, wanting to be unique and free.  

I got a sea turtle on my foot to commemorate the marathon I did in Hawaii in 2015.  It is also a memorial piece for my stepmom Robin.  She loved turtles (we even had one engraved on her headstone).  She joked that she should get a tattoo of one on her toe so she could have a “toe-tuga”.  (My sister got a “toe-tuga” with a breast cancer ribbon on the shell.)  I did that marathon at quite the turtle’s pace, but I freaking did it, and it was a huge accomplishment for me.  I saw images of turtles the whole way and I knew that Robin was cheering me on.  I started cycling and running because cancer prevented her from being active and I wanted to celebrate my own ability to use my healthy body.  

And one week later I got my swallow for sailing my first 5,000 nautical miles. (I’m less than 2,000nm from having TWO swallows, but I think one will be fine.) A swallow is a traditional sailor tattoo.  They have the longest migration pattern of any bird and they always find their way home. Blue represents the ocean and the orange represents the sunset. I sent my tattoo artist a photo of my friend Julianne’s swallow tattoo and she added her own special details and made it my own.  I met Julianne while sailing those miles and buddy-boating with friends was such a huge part of our journey.

A few weeks before I got these tattoos, I drove 1.5 hours up to Portland, ME to have my dreads professionally touched up and added a bunch of colors and fun pieces.  For the first time in my life, I feel like me. Like, this is who I’ve always wanted to be.  20 years married, 2 kids, 2 cats, a business in Salem, MA doing what I love, meaningful tattoos to celebrate my accomplishments… and amazing hair that’s super easy to take care of.

So, maybe it’s a small change, or maybe it’s something big, but what can you do to feel free, soar, and feel truly like you? 

I’m still working on this.