Hello fellow ghost hunters!

It’s that time of year again!  I’ll be writing a short log of the most interesting paranormal findings at my After Hours Ghost Hunt at Gallows Hill Theatre every night for the next 31 nights.  (Interested in last year’s log?  Click here)

Also, this year I’m trying to be better at using TikTok so I’ll be telling stories from each night over there.  I’m Kim the sea witch.  Find me.  🙂

9/29/23- As we were about to break off into our groups, everyone in the main room heard a man yell, “Hello?” coming towards the stairwell.  No one was there.  Interesting way to begin the season.  One group heard footsteps and saw what looked like someone waving around a flashlight past the Ouija board room, no one was there.  One guest was holding the spirit box as we walked through room 2 and she said, “Oh man” and the spirit box repeated her words.  Names: Christoper, Tim, Edward.

9/30/23- Heard footsteps and saw a flashlight past the Ouija board room again.  I was telling one group that I think there’s maybe a mason here who doesn’t like women and the spirit box said, “Bastard!”  Both nights people were saying they think there’s a kid in room 1.  I swear we had that happen last year.  Okay and the craziest thing I think I’ve ever seen here… someone was taking a photo of the 3 sunken heads in room 3 and in one of the photos it looked like one of them opened it’s eyes.  I sh*t you not.  I was like, “Nope nope nope. I’m out.”  I do not do dolls, mannequins, etc.  Freaks me the hell out.  That’s it, I quit.  (Just kidding… maybe.) The meters were also going off as this was happening.  I’ve never seen them go off right there ever.  Who took those photos??  Are you reading this?!  Send them to me please!  Names: Paul, Betsy, Andrew, Michael, Casey.

10/1/23- Spirit box said, “I died” in the stairwell.  The number 3 came up a lot.  A child/boy came up in room 1.  George is his name possibly?  Are you happy? Answered yes.  Asked, “How many people are in this room” in room 2 and spirit box said 6 when there was 6 of us.  “Let’s Go” and “Mad” in stairwell.  Names: Patrick, Robert, Jonathan, Steven, Ben, Jackson.

10/2/23- A bit of a quiet night. The spirit box said “Brooke” twice in room 2.  Went into room 1 and asked if anyone was named Brooke and, yes, there was a Brooke.  Was hoping she’d get a lot of activity in room 2 but did not.  The whole group left the stairwell.  (That happens a lot if you look back at last year.). Said they heard “Above you” and “Walk now.”  Two groups got the name George in two different rooms.  And it was also brought up that there is a child/boy in room 1.  One guest said that there’s a mason there who does not want to talk using electronics.  Names: George, James, Rory, Ray.

10/3/23- “I am here” in the stairwell, and then “kill” (yikes). Flashlight in room 1 was very active with responses on command.  EMF top left corner of the safe? As I was exiting room 2, the whole group got a whiff of smoke.  Never had that happen before.  Room 2: “Hell, God, stop, leave” on the spirit box.  Names: Paul, Robert, Anthony, Emily, Emmett, Charles, Ray.

10/4/23- Room 2, asked spirit box if name was Robert and clearly said “Bobby”.  Got the word, “here” was we were walking back.  And “one” when we were with group 1.  Other words on the spirit box in room 2: Excellent, Gavin (quite a few times.  No one knew a Gavin) “I’m not far” and “You’re welcome” after we said thank you.  Names: George, Walter, Jackson, Luke.

10/5/23- Slow quiet night.  Got the word “Help” on the spirit box, and then what sounded like a list of foods.  Gyro, coconut, dinner. And then the word “trapped”, and “sure” when we asked if he was hungry.  And also the word “wait” a lot.  Also heard the name Bobby again in there.  Someone caught what looks like a face in the “mirror”/tv screen.  One guest said she almost ran into the wall and the spirit box said, “Careful” two different times. Names: Thomas, Jeff, Sam.

10/6/23- Still pretty slow and quiet but a little more active than the last couple nights.  We heard “People not funny” on the spirit box in room 2.  When I told everyone at the end of the night that we were going to head back into the main room, the spirit box said, “Stay here”.  I was also telling them that it says the word “wait” all the time and it said, “Stay.”  A lot of temperature fluctuations tonight, chills, etc.  In the stairwell a group asked, “Is that your wife?” and it said “my husband”.  Names: Richard, Camilla, George, Peter (Pete on spirit box), Henry, James, William, Ron, Emily, Paul/Paula.

10/7/23- Very active compared to the past few nights.  Words like suffer and sickness.  Responses on the spirit box: Can I take your picture? “No”.  Can you light this up? “Which one?”  We heard nothing for a while and all of a sudden it says, “I’m back.  Room one, someone knocked on the door and their app said “Arrived”.  A lot of flashlight responses in room 1. Got the word “Fire” on the spirit box in the stairwell.  Names: Patrick (asked on spirit box and repeated the name twice), Elizabeth, Rebecca (in room 3… they thought it was Rebecca Nurse), Alice, Eli, Paul, Colton (young boy room 1… who drowned?) Julia, Tom, Luke, Samuel, Ray.

10/8/23- My phone said, “iphone unavailable. Try again in 1 minute” while walking through room 2.  I asked, “Was that you who messed up my phone”? Spirit box said, “Stop it.”  Every single group tonight heard the word “Stop” over and over in different rooms. We asked “What’s your name?” and heard “Buster”.  No one in the room knew a Buster though.  We heard “Have a weapon” as the train rumbled below us.  Other words/phrases: Hello, he fell over, and then a woman said “Can you hear me?” clear as day.  That one gave me chills.  Other names: Mike, Mason, James, River?

10/9/23- “Leave” was heard on the sprit box on the stairs.  Other responses to questions… “stuck”. Can you move on? “Can’t” and Are you forced to stay here? “Exactly”. Okay, we’re going to go now.  “Where?”  People were again getting a young boy in room 1.  In room 2 someone said, “My name is Dominic. Can you say my name?  I’ll settle for Nick” and the spirit box clearly said Nick.  Someone’s app said, “Julia” so they asked if there was a Julia here and the spirit box said Julia.  Names: Henry, Joseph, Cooper, Alexander, Charlotte, and we got the name Hunter a lot tonight.  I was putting everything away after the event and noticed there was a Hunter on my list that didn’t show up that night.  Maybe someone really wanted to talk to him and was disappointed he didn’t show up?

10/10/23- Heard “Hey” right off the bat in room 2.  And then it said, “no, no, no”.  The name Michael was heard by every group tonight.  The spirit box was extra chatty but couldn’t make out what was being said.  Someone said that they heard both of their brother’s names so I asked if someone on the other side might be trying to say hello and she said it might be her mother.  We asked the spirit box if it was this woman’s mom and it said, “I’m father” so that was weird.  It also said, “Wait” on our way out.  A group heard knocking on the door in the stairwell and the dowsing rods crossed simultaneously. The spirit box said, “Watching”. In room 3, they were getting the word “bridge” many times… cold spots, felt like someone was there.  Another guest was getting words on their app like “Mountain, foliage” and he asked, “Are you describing my shirt?” and it said, “Sure.” Names: Tom, Levi, Adam, Luke, James.

10/11/23- I was explaining how the equipment works at the very beginning of the evening and the spirit box says, “Here we go”.  I’ve never heard it say a phrase like that as I’m demonstrating how it works. Heard, “Grab me” while walking through room 2.  We heard what sounded like “horse shit” and we all laughed and the meters lit up, almost like it was giggling.  At the end of the night, I said, “Anything else you’d like to say?  We’re almost done for the night.  You have a minute left to to say anything you want to say.” and the spirit box said, “I said it.” Someone said they saw what looked like ash flying around the stairwell.  Again people were picking up on a young boy in room 1.  In room 3, someone got the word “priest” on their app.  They said, “Are you guilty?” and it said, “Frustration”. Names: James, Michael, Julia, Murphy, Nick, Levi, Ray/Roy.

10/12/23- A relatively slow night… BUT… all of the groups heard footsteps while in room 2.  I swear it sounded like Tyler was walking up but as soon as he would have arrived in the room, the footsteps stopped.  It sounded like boots but Tyler was wearing sneakers.  I said, “Is that you walking around out there?” and was telling the group it sounded like boots and not sneakers and the spirit box said, “Boots on.”  A while later I asked, “What’s your favorite color?” and we all heard “Orange” as the meters lit up and the temperature gun was fluctuating between 68 and 80 degrees.  We also heard “Stand up” and “We’re here” in that room. Other names: Charles and Matthew.

10/13/23- A bit of a chaotic night with a high energy group.  The spirit box in room 2 said, “What the f*ck”.   Spirit box said, “Hi Taylor” to a guest named Taylor.  Got the name Luke and the meters were going off a lot on command.  Someone said, “Do you know Krissy?” and it responded, “No idea”. Names: Gail, Jack, Robert, Dominic, Anthony, Rick.

10/14/23- A slow night.  I explained room 2 and started walking everyone back further and the spirit box said, “Let’s go!”  Every group got the name Nick over and over.  Other names: Paula, Olivia, George, Adam, Luke, Bella.

10/15/23- One guest said she had the song Ave Maria stuck in her head and the spirit box said Maria.  I asked “What’s your favorite color?” and heard pink.  Heard the phrase “Don’t get that”, and “Let’s go” as we were heading in with a group again just like last night.  I told the group to turn left and the spirit box said, “ok”. In the stairwell, they asked, “Did you die here?” and it said, “no.. and laughed.”  Anthony was heard a lot tonight.  (I had a personal experience with that.). Other names: Mike, Adam, Henry, Raymond, Ashley, Erica.

10/16/23- Tonight as I was walking one group back, the spirit box said, “ready to go”, and “I’m ready” then as we were leaving it said, “Let’s go” (just like the last two nights) Heard “Hello” in a woman’s voice.  We also kept hearing a child’s voice over and over.  The meters were going off on command and everyone kept feeling a presence by the door so I took 3 photos.  One of them looks like someone is standing there.  Room 1 got “I feel”. “Shook” and it said Rachel, which was the name of a guest present that night.  One group tried to speak French to the spirit box and we got what sounded like French words back?  When I said we had about a minute left before we were finished for the evening, someone’s app said, “Extension.” Names: Richard (lots of Richard tonight), Simon, Charles, Carl.

10/17/23- A group was getting info from a Paul age 41, words heard: Angry, stay, under cable, and “hi” that sounded like a kid.  We asked for the spirit to light up the K2 meter and it lit up as the spirit box said, “I did”. One guest said she smelt smoke all of a sudden, and at the same time someone’s app said “Ashes”. Other names: Michael, Edward, Scott, John, George, Henry, Tom,.

10/18/23- When someone asked, “How old are you?” We heard 41 (which I think is interesting because we got that number the day before too) Stairwell: Lots of dowsing rod activity.  “Are you a fireman?” responded “yes”. When I went to move them to the next room, the spirit box said, “Come back”.  Room 2: “I see you”, “It’s important” as the meters went off.  We heard footsteps again just like we did a few nights ago.  Other words heard:  Stop it, high school, Adams (a guest’s hometown), hi, and when we asked their favorite color we heard blue.  A lot of people connected with passed loved ones tonight. Names: Walter, Joe, John, Ben.

10/19/23- Asked, can you light up the meters? Spirit box said, “I’ll try” and then the meters lit up.  We heard footsteps again and it sounded like they were leaving, and then the meters stopped and the spirit box got quiet.  One guest connected with her parents who passed.  Another guest connected with her grandmother and cousin.  At the end of the evening as we were about to walk back into the main room, someone said, “Thank you.  Good night.” and the spirit box said, “Good night”.  In the stairwell someone asked, “Are you stuck here?” and they heard “I’m here forever.” and “It could be worse” on the spirit box. Names: Anthony, Tom, Dylan, Maverick, Adam, Nathaniel, Amanda, Doug.

10/20/23- Quiet night.  I was teaching someone how to use dowsing rods and the spirit box said, “Don’t break them”. Someone asked, “Can you turn the meter on” and heard “I don’t want to” and another time “I don’t feel like it.” on the spirit box.  Someone in the stairwell asked, “Did you die in a fire?” and heard “Yeah” in response.  “You’re lying” was heard in room 3.  I thought that was interesting since we get a lot of witch trials words in there. Names: Robert/Bob, Walter, Simon, Michael.

10/21/23- We heard the word “Ouija” on the spirit box.  “Can light” in a woman’s voice when the meters went off.  I was telling a group about the day the spirit box said a bunch of food-related words and the spirit box said, “Waffle”.  We asked, “Did you leave” and heard, “I’m back”. Someone asked, “Are you a student” and we heard the whole phrase “No I’m not a student”.  One guest’s earring fell off like it was being pulled, and two pendulums she was using also broke and fell to the floor.  Dowsing rods pointed to the door and the spirit box said, “Door.”  Someone knocked on the door against the wall, and the door against the pole knocked back as the flashlight lit up. Names: John, Edward, Rick, Anthony, Ray.  Okay, and this was the craziest thing I’ve probably ever heard on the spirit box in the stairwell…. We heard, “Be ready”.  Someone asked “Are you a fireman?” and we heard, “It was me.”  I asked “What’s your name?” and it said, “Ray”. And then it was as if we were listening to the fire department’s VHF (UHF?) on the night of the arsons.  It was wild.  We heard, “We’re fighting all those fires” “In response ma’am” “Arson” “Chief” “Training” “Hot” “Go home” “We’re here” and “Smoke”.  It was amazing.

10/22/23- One group said they were talking to a spirit named James who doesn’t like women.  He had an affair with a woman.  He didn’t want guys in the room.  Two people were sitting on the bench in the Ouija board room with KII meters and we asked, “Can you light up the meters?”  They lit up in response as the spirit box said, “The bench”.  They jumped up immediately.  We heard footsteps again in the other room and as we were talking about it and trying to debunk it, the spirit box said, “I heard it”. “Get out” was heard in the stairwell. A group possibly connected with Giles Corey.  A photo was taken of a figure behind one of the guests.  Names: George, Elijah, Isabel, Charles, Tyler, Brad.

10/23/23- In the stairwell, the spirit box said, “Get out” and “Kids need to get out.”  A woman heard her name, Amy, and had a conversation with her grandfather. I walked into room 3 and opened the safe, and the inner door on the safe would not open.  I turned on my flashlight to see if I could figure out why it was stuck.  I yanked and tugged and twisted.  It wouldn’t budge. Someone put the meter up to the handle and it started picking up EMF and beeping.  We asked, “Can you open the safe?” and someone’s app said, “Never”.  And then Tyler went in there and opened that door up just fine, like it was completely normal.  Also in room 3, a group of girls asked, “If you don’t want us here, make the meter blink” and it blinked over and over again so they yelled for us to come get them.  In room 2, we asked “How many spirits are here” and it said, “Spirits” and I possibly heard “One”.  When we asked to light up the meters it said, “I just did” and then they lit up again.  Oh, also, we put a maglite in the ouija board room to use as a light because we’re missing one of our regular flashlights.  It was twisted all the way on.  When I came back in there with another group it had turned off.  I text Tyler to bring me some batteries and I replaced them, twisted it all the way on again, and it started turning on and off by itself again.  Note that this was not set to that sorta sweet spot half on/half off setting that we use for when we’re ghost hunting.  It was all the way on.  Names: Michael, Mark, John, Sandra, Blake.

10/24/23- A group got the word “leave” in the stairwell as dowsing rods were spinning in circles.  Someone asked, “How did you die?” and heard “Burned”.  We heard “We’re here” and “Welcome” in room 2.  A guest had unexplainable red dots in their photo.  Names: Joe/Joseph, Bill, Anthony, William, Frank, Daniel, Robert, Jacob.

10/25/23- Did you used to live here?  “Exactly”. Have you been here a long time? “Forever”.  Also heard “Hello” as we were walking back.  We also heard “Megan” which was a guest’s name.  I was talking about how the spirit in room 2 doesn’t like me and the spirit box said, “Freak”.  We also heard the phrase “How’d you like that?” when the K11 meters went off.  Someone asked, “Were you 70?” and heard “No I’m not” in response.  Someone had their hair touched and he jumped as the spirit box said, “Gotcha”. Ray was whispered into a guest’s ear as she was in the stairwell.  Other names: Olivia, Jack, Dave, Art, Marlin, Everly.

10/26/23- I heard a shuffling noise as we were in the Ouija board room so I started walking into the other room to investigate it and heard “Don’t go”.  Other words in that room, “We’re here”, “Hey” (A few times) What’s your favorite color?  “Pink”. Were you murdered?  “Terribly” with EMF and flashlight responses.  The doors in room 1 were constantly knocking by themselves.  Someone heard “Hi” in their ear, and then it also said hi on their app.  Names: Walter, Roger, Colton

10/27/23- Can you light up the meters?  “Not really”. “We’re back” and the EMF meters started lighting up.  Lots of flashlight play in room one.  The flashlight actually rolled across the table by itself.  I said, “Hey, we’re only down here for 3 more days this season.  Anything you’d like to tell us?” and heard “Thanks for your help”.   We asked, “Come closer to the meters” and heard “I’m trying”. A guest got the name Ray strictly using their intuition.  Other names: John, Dave, Charles, Braydon, Nancy.

10/28/23- Very slow night for activity.  Maybe the slowest night we’ve had this season.  There was a group of guests who were very cynical, and quite frankly, completely obnoxious.  They didn’t listen to instructions (one man was taking a nap as I was giving my presentation at the beginning of the evening), they kept walking through the haunted house in rooms I asked them not to go in.  I feel like their energy kind of made the whole evening weird.  It started to feel better after they left early, thank goodness.  We all found out that Matthew Perry passed away during the evening.  Some guests were seeing if they could contact him.  In the stairwell, the spirit box said the number 33, one of the guests is a 33rd degree Mason and had that number on his ring.  They also got the words “friend” and “perfect”.  One group was getting a lot of activity in  room 3.  A woman said her hands were very cold as the dowsing rods moved a lot.  Names: Tom, Steve, Paul, Ron, Zachary, Aaron, Derrick.

10/29/23- Really all we got was a bunch of names tonight.  Except as I was talking about the Ouija board and that it’s just a haunted house prop and that we wouldn’t be using it, the spirit box said “Ouija” very clearly.  We got the name George at least 4 times that evening.  Other names: Frank, Robert/Bob, Tom, Edward, James, Riley, William, Joe, Bed, Camila, Nathaniel, Olivia,

10/30/23- Spirit box said, “Is someone here?” And then otherwise it was a pretty slow night with one very high energy group.  We get so much less activity when people are not calm and quiet.  Names: Patrick, Murphy, Adam, Jackson, Frank, and “Ask Alice”.

Well, that’s a wrap.  Until next year!