What the moon cycles mean for you when you aren’t a f*cking flower

What the moon cycles mean for you when you aren’t a f*cking flower

Planting seeds, blooming, and returning back to the soil is a common metaphor used to explain how the moon cycles impact us each month.

I offer this new metaphor for flowy, watery, ever-changing, adaptable humans like me. For those of us who do not feel grounded most days, and we definitely don’t feel like pretty flowers:

New Moon ~ An orange sunrise on a beautiful sandy beach — A new day. The water is calm where you sit but you can see the waves caused by the Spring Tide crashing, strong and powerful, on the reef in the distance. You feel the need to rise and spring forward.

Waxing Crescent ~ You find a paddleboard on the beach and decide to get in the sea and float. Dipping your paddle in the water, you gently move forward to explore the reef. You circle around it, watching the waves crash on the other side.

First Quarter ~ You feel the momentum and power from those waves and you need to experience them. You’re nervous, but also excited about not being in this calm little cove anymore. You receive support in the form of an amazing sturdy sailboat. You match the power of those waves with your own power, and you soar over the reef into the vast ocean.

Waxing Gibbous ~ It is a beautiful day at sea, sailing through the ocean under your own power. With only the wind and signs from the universe to tell you where to go next, everything just feels “right”. At night, you look up at the stars and ask them to guide you. You are enjoying your journey.

Full Moon ~ You find a new exciting beach and decide to anchor over and throw a huge party to celebrate your accomplishments and your journey so far. You invite friends, you imbibe, and you dance. You look up at the sky and appreciate the outward focus on your life. You dive in the cool water and swim naked around your boat, cleansing your body and feeling free.

Waning Gibbous ~ The sun is shinning in the late morning and you’re feeling a little hung over from your celebrations. You decide to take it easy and go for a swim to relax. It feels cold and refreshing and you spend some time snorkeling, thinking, and watching the sea life.

Third Quarter ~ It’s time to start thinking about heading over the next reef to go somewhere new. You’re feeling restless in this calm cove and the waves are beginning to become more powerful in the distance again. You take a walk around the island to say goodbye to your new friends and thank them for their time with you.

Waning Crescent ~ It is now sunset, dusk. It is time to let go of this current journey and get ready to begin the next. As it gets darker, you pause and take time to meditate on the beach, feeling a little sad, but ready to start fresh in the morning — A new day.