Litha Crew Post from April 1, 2021

Well, if you read Jan and Feb, you know how I felt about winter aboard, but we have been out from under the plastic wrap for about a month now.  I’m starting to forget what it was like to be so depressed and miserable all winter.  All of a sudden I’ve stopped looking at houses on Zillow and dreaming of life on land, and I’m embracing springtime boat life.  I think, “We survived one New England winter on a boat!  We can do it again!”  WTF is wrong with me?! 😂 

One of the things I really love about New England is the seasons.  The PNW doesn’t really have seasons.  It drizzles rain most of the year, we have maybe 6 weeks of good summer weather, and we have a day or two of snow.  Here, I love the snow, I love the humid summers, I love, love, love the fall colors and the crisp air.  And now it’s Spring.  Flowers are starting to bloom, it’s getting warmer, and it just feels so nice.

So I’m not sure what the year will bring, and I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing next winter.  But, that’s how our life has always been on board Litha.  They say that sailors plans are written in sand at low tide.  You have to be suuuuper flexible to live the life we live.  So, I guess we’ll wait and see.  Still going with the flow, even though we aren’t really going anywhere.  So, that’s the lesson this month for you!  Take each day as it comes, no expectations, just do what feels right each day.  Maybe you make mistakes (maybe we did choosing this marina that was less protected than the other) but it all works out eventually and you forget the bad days and only remember the good.  Happy spring!