Patreon Post from September 30, 2020

Take The Backroads

When we arrived in Salem 3 months ago, we rushed around trying to find an inexpensive car. We purchased a 2002 Jetta Golf for $1100. It runs great… if you don’t exceed 2000 RPMs. That means we can’t drive it on the highway.

At first, taking backroads was really annoying. When we have somewhere to be, we want to be there as quickly as possible. Right? Isn’t that how everyone with a car feels?

But after a couple months of setting our google maps to “avoid highways”, we got used to it. We have actually learned to appreciate it.

Life is too fast-paced. Sailing is slow-paced. Taking backroads started to feel more like sailing. There’s no traffic, no stress. Just scenery. We especially love that the trees are beginning to change color here. I love fall so much, especially in New England.

I wouldn’t notice the beauty as much if I didn’t take it slow. I think even when Justin fixes the car, we won’t hop on the highway.

So, my lesson for you this month: Set your GPS to “avoid highways” and appreciate where the road takes you.