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“Kimberly is truly incredible. Through a friend of mine, I found her as I was feeling a bit off and wanted to know more about my natal chart and how I can integrate those learnings into my life.

I was blown away. She is not too “woo-woo” but speaks straight to the heart of what’s so. She gave this astrological novice a straightforward and very clear view on what I was looking for (which was more insight into me).

So blown away, I got the whole family done PLUS gifted my friend and her daughter the same readings. They loved it.

So if you are looking for something that won’t drag you down a long hallway of “I wish I knew more” or “I’ll never understand that” or “what is she talking about” and instead invites you to peruse a side of astrology that is straightforward and a bit of a butt-kicker, please go to Kimberly.

It’s affordable, it lasts forever, and she is so incredibly delightful that I am going to reach out again for an astro “tune-up”.”

Kim C, SC

“Kim is a talented Tarot reader, astrologer, Reiki master. She is Intuitive and a very Loving and Healing Person. I am so blessed to know you Kim.”

Wendy V, Seattle WA

I have had numerous sessions with Kim over the past couple years.  She always accurately reads my tarot cards, and also tells me which chakras need to be balanced.  Looking back, I now realize how much it helped improve qualities of my life. She even helped me on mediumship with deceased family members. What’s truly amazing about Kim is her attitude. While pointing out areas I need help with, she offers helpful solutions which is the most important part of her consultation.
Neiva S, Kirkland WA

“Kim has already helped me reach my dreams!  She helped me find my peace, gain more confidence in my abilities, and realize some new insights in who is “me”.  She helped me see bits of me I wasn’t sure of and I appreciate it so much!”
Ana V.M., Tampa, FL

“My astrology reading from Kim was spot on and exactly what I needed to hear. She is accurate and kind, and I highly recommend her.”

Christine H, San Diego, CA

“I was not one for too much spiritual “stuff”, but I was curious and friends encouraged me to be open minded so I scheduled a session with Kim.  I understand each experience is unique, but I felt especially moved. I’m not sure if it was because I was so skeptical beforehand? Apparently I’m a pretty closed off person, but the information that she did receive was spot on. It was a real eye opener to my inner self. She doesn’t tell you what to do, or how you should feel; she tells you what she feels/perceives from you and how that could relate or apply to your everyday life. She made me feel more receptive to my own intuitions and emotions. I encourage anyone to see Kim, even my fellow skeptics.”
Trina L, Seattle WA

“Kim is adept at keeping her ego out of the conversation she is translating between her clients and Universal Guidance.  She is fluent in the language of symbols.  I trust her to have the integrity to convey the message I need to hear, not just what I want to hear.”
Eryn D, Seattle WA

“Kim is spot on with her readings. She has one of the kindest souls I know. Plus she is hilarious and has a hilarious boom that matches her. Highly recommend!!”
Marie S, Silver Springs, NV

“A natural intuitive and healer: less woo, more YOU.”

Meredith H, Burien, WA

“I have never had chakra work done before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Kim’s calming voice, and knowledge of Reiki, chakras, sound meditation, and Tarot reading made the entire session very special & magical.  I felt very connected with my reading by her.  It was overwhelming, in a good way, because my life’s path will hopefully be changing in the immediate future and Kim was able to confirm it without having any knowledge of my current aspirations.”
Marianna S, Renton WA

“I received a healing session from Kim and I LOVED IT. I was pretty keyed up, and at the end was feeling totally relaxed and really grounded. I learned that there was a relationship between my blocked chakra points, and the things that she pointed out to me actually came up in other areas of my life, like confirmation that what she noticed was indeed happening. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! She is great!”
Erin N, Tacoma WA

“Kim is such a warm and kind person in addition to being highly intuitive. She is one of the most comfortable-to-be-around people and a great teacher.”

Crystal H, San Diego, CA

“Kim’s healing sessions put me at ease, and are always exactly what I need on my life’s path.  Whether it’s messages my guides have given her, or loved ones on the other side.  My last mediumship reading, the session went great but I wasn’t sure how the pieces fit together and who was trying to contact me.  After sharing my experience with my mom, she reminded me where those forgotten pieces fit and the whole reading made perfect sense.  So be patient and everything seems to fall into place at the right time.”
Sarah S, Puyallup WA

“The reading that I received from Kim was spot on, and very enlightening. It helped point me in the right direction in some areas in my life that I wasn’t sure about lately, and also just was fun to do. I found that she really focused in on everything I was telling her, and gave me great advice from both what the cards said, and from her experience in life as well. I felt comfortable, and safe talking with Kim.”
Tamra T, Seattle WA

“I had an excellent medium reading from Kim. It was so nice to hear that my grandpa is with me. He was such an amazing person and I miss him every day. To know he’s with me and for her to have the little details that family would know but no one else knows was amazing. Those little things were the ways he showed us he loved us…. And still does!  Since our reading, I still miss him, but now it’s a little easier to know that when I talk to him, he’s right there to hear it!  You won’t regret scheduling a session!”
Amie M, Bakersfield CA