Litha Crew Post from June 14, 2022

So, each month when it’s time to write my lesson, I scroll back through the photos on my phone to remember what I did that month.  This photo stuck out as the “YES! I’m gonna talk about THIS!”

If you read my Tarotscopes, you’ll know that we just had a really intense eclipse season in Taurus and Scorpio (and fair warning, it’ll happen again Oct-Nov… but that’s something to worry about another day.). Anyway, it was an emotional, downright sucky time for a lot of us.   

Last May (2021) we moved from the dock out to the mooring ball in the harbor. Winter season is Nov 1- April 31, and Summer season is May 1-Oct 31.  This year we we chose to stay at Pickering Wharf for the summer season, but I do really miss the peace and calm that comes from living on a floating home on the harbor.  The wharf is full of tourists, loud music, and chaos… fun chaos sometimes, but chaos nonetheless.

So the day we were having a lunar eclipse to end eclipse season, I was really missing being out in the harbor in nature, away from city lights to watch it.  So I sent out a message to a few friends and asked if they wanted to have a dinghy adventure to watch it in the harbor.

I lowered the dinghy for the first time in months, piled 3 witchy friends aboard, started the engine, and pulled off the dock around 10:30pm.  I grabbed an empty mooring ball and we laughed, chatted, and watched the full moon disappear.  It was the little slice of magic I needed.  We let go of what no longer served us and gave a big ol’ eff you to the emotional few weeks we had.

I’m not cruising around Central America anymore.  I’m not even cruising around New England right now.  But I found the smallest little way to bring back the feeling I get when I was.  A little late-night adventure with some friends in nature.

So maybe you want to go on vacation but it just isn’t in the cards.  Maybe you want to connect with nature but you live in an apartment in a city with no grass in sight.  Find your little slice of magic.  I’m telling you there’s a way.