Patreon Post from July 31, 2020

I still don’t know how I feel about being stationary for a while. Part of me is so grateful for some stability, and another part of me wants to run away again.

We are stuck. All of us. No one can leave the US right now which makes me feel… claustrophobic. We bought Litha to explore the world and the US has handled this pandemic so poorly that no other country allows US visitors right now.

Do you know how freaky that is?! We own the ultimate floating zombie escape plan… with nowhere to go. This actually makes me regret not staying in Panama longer. At the time, we felt it was best to get “home” as quickly as possible, but Panama is faring so much better than we are. The US is a total sh*tshow.

July’s Lesson from Litha… (Short and not at all sweet….)

Remember that this is a GLOBAL pandemic. Not a United States Pandemic. If I’m meant to teach you anything this month, that’s it.

Read the news from other countries. If our media is confusing, read what other countries are saying about us, and what they’re saying about how their own country is handling this. Do research that extends far beyond your own borders!!

Much love and healthy vibes to you all!