Patreon Post from August 22, 2020

It all started with a conch shell that we found in Panama…

As we were quarantined in the Dry Tortugas with our friends on Paanga, they taught us to turn conch shells into horns on our aft deck one day.

Each night at sunset, the kids would blow their conch horns to say goodnight to the other boats in the anchorage. (Oh, and by the way, if you’ve never tried it, blowing a conch horn is actually really difficult. I can’t do it.) We continued to do this with them each night on our way up the coast.

When we arrived in Salem, Evie decided to blow her horn for any tours that came close enough to Litha to hear her. The Schooner Fame, and the floating Tiki Bar would sometimes get a little show.

Well, then Justin started working as crew on the Fame and it was a way for Evie to say hi to dad as he was working each night. Captain Mike started sailing much closer to Litha so she could be seen and heard.

A couple weeks ago, she started wearing her old mermaid costume from three Halloweens ago. She has become quite the little star. Justin yells, “Mike! I see a mermaid off the starboard bow!” And all the tourists on board think he’s nuts, “Say what now?” 😂 And then they pass by Litha to Evie‘s music and clap and shout. It’s really cool. One lady gave Justin $10 and told him it’s for the Mermaid of Salem Harbor.

So, Captain Mike and his wife Melissa, decided they needed to get Evie a little present because the tourists on board love her and it’s so fun. We suggested a new mermaid costume since hers is so small and tattered. We dinghied into shore today to visit the Fame and surprised Evie with her new dress, complete with crown, gloves, jewelry, and scepter.

I’ll tell ya, our life at sea with a mermaid is definitely not boring. 😉

Aww my little mermaid.  She’s 11 now and she isn’t so mermaid-y as she used to be.  She used to love doing this on the harbor.  The past 2 summers we have been at the dock and not at a mooring ball so, even though her dad became one of the captains, she wasn’t out there blowing her conch shell anymore.  HOWEVER, she was in the Little Mermaid musical at the Salem YMCA and blew her conch shell to begin every performance.  Enjoy your kiddos while they’re little.  I mean, she’s still little but she’s definitely becoming a pre-teen now.  I was always told “It goes fast” and it does, it really does.