Litha Crew Post from September 17, 2021

Last month I taught a “Mindfulness for Kids” workshop at a really cool healing space/metaphysical shop called Quantum in Seekonk, Mass.  I brought Evie with me as my assistant.  🙂  This is the story I told to begin my class:

The first thing people ask me when they learn we live on a boat is, “Have you experienced severe storms and weather?”  And I tell them about a few scary occurrences: 1. The time we became surrounded by squalls of giant thunderheads, flashing lightning all around us as we were 75 miles off shore of southern Mexico. 2. The time we were hit by a 68 knot squall (78 mph. Hurricane strength!) in the Dry Tortugas.  And 3. Punta Mala on the pacific side Panama…

Punta Mala. It doesn’t translate to “Bad Point” for nothin’!  As much as we thought we were prepared to sail around Punta Mala towards the Pearl Islands… we weren’t.  We experienced our roughest seas ever.  Things that had never fallen off our counters before were all over the floor.  Our sail ripped as we were trying to pull it out at 3am.  The teak on our bow broke because we were pounding into the waves so hard.  It was insane.

At one point before dawn, Justin looked downstairs and said he saw glass all over the floor.  “Glass?! Did we break a window?!”  Turns out, it wasn’t glass.  It was a craft bin of Evie’s that had spilled sequins all over the floor.  There was also puzzle pieces everywhere.  

When Evie woke up in the morning, all of her crafts and puzzles all over the floor, Litha banging around all over the place… You know what she said?  “Oh! The ocean says it’s time to do puzzles!!” And she sat on the floor and started putting them back on the wooden boards that flew off the shelf.

Not to toot my own horn… but how cool is my kid?!  In the midst of complete chaos, she just makes the best out of what life handed her in that moment.

I think there’s a really great lesson in that.  You cannot control everything that’s going on in the world.  Sometimes things are stressful and completely out of hand… and all you can do is take a deep breath, find the best in it, and roll with it.  

Wow, reading this right now makes me teary-eyed.  What a great lesson.  I needed this right now.