Litha Crew Post from December 17, 2021

I’ll tell you what… November was rough.  …. As you can see, since I’m finally writing the November newsletter halfway through December.  Oops.


The Good: We moved to Pickering Wharf Marina on November 1st.  It is so much more protected from the wind and swell than Hawthorne Cove was for us last year.  You guys!  It’s like I live on land!  We barely move!  AND… WE HAVE COMCAST HOME INTERNET!  Like REAL internet!  I am typing this to you and there is no lagging or loading.  It’s so fast!  It has been almost 4 years since we’ve had actual internet.  Eeeeeee!!!  Mini Lesson from Litha… Appreciate your internet!  😉

The Bad:  It has now been 5 months since I contracted covid and I’m up to my neck in doctors visits, specialists, heart monitor, sleep tests, blood tests, lung tests… blah blah blah.  It sucks.  It sucks a lot.  I had to wear a heart monitor for an entire month.  It honestly really wore on me having to press a button any time I felt lightheaded, heart palpitations, racing heart, short of breath, etc.  It’s like every time I pressed the button, I was forced to be reminded that I’m a sick person, rather than staying positive and pressing forward and focusing on feeling better.  Not cool.

More Good: If you remember from last year, winter aboard covered in plastic at the end of a very long dock was really miserable.  (Especially after sailing in the sunny tropics for two years.)  It was seriously depressing.  This year we have put up a ton of new LED lights inside to brighten Litha up.  A boat named after the celebration of the summer solstice does not like the winter solstice.  She needed light, so we installed a lot of it.  Christmas lights too.  I don’t even like Christmas but we even put up an inflatable pirate santa in a ship on our dinghy davits.  We’re also right in the middle of all the action of downtown Salem so there’s restaurants just right at the top of the short ramp.  So much less isolating.

November’s lesson…. BRING IN LIGHT.  Emotional light, electric light, healing light.  We all need it right now.  Send each other light.  The winter solstice/Yule is next week.  The darkest, shortest day of the year, and then the light begins to return.  I’ll have much more to say in a couple weeks for my December newsletter. Stay tuned. Happy Holidays!  

I’m so glad I’m 95% better after all of this long-covid craziness.  I still have pressure in my chest, but that’s it.  I’ll take it.  What a ride that was.