Litha Crew Post from August 9, 2021

I’m not sure if I’ve told you all our plans for the future, but to catch you up…

We’re trying to save up a downpayment to buy a house in Salem.  So, here’s our thought process on that:  The sailing season here is May 1- Nov 1 which is also tourist season.  We’d make a killing having an AirBnB here during those months in Salem while we live aboard Litha in nice weather.  Living aboard in the winter in New England covered in plastic was not fun at all so we would love to have a land house for the winter months.  And then when Tyler graduates and we want to sail away again when he starts college, we can rent out the house for income.  

Anyway, we have also looked into rentals this winter since we have not saved enough yet to buy.  OMG!  Have you seen the market?!  I know that trying to purchase a home is ridiculous right now but renting one is just as crazy!  When we first moved to Salem in 2009, we rented a 2 bedroom apartment downtown for $1850 which I thought was so incredibly expensive at the time.  I looked up that same apartment complex now 12 years later… guess how much it is for the same 2 bedroom apartment?!  $3168 per month!  Whaaaaat!?!?  Yeah, so we’ll still be living aboard covered in plastic!  (We are at least choosing a marina that’s better protected than last year.) 

Anyway, geez!  Our little boat is the cheapest way to live in all of New England I swear!  I hope this month finds you well and that you’re all locked into an amazing price wherever you live!  And if you aren’t, maybe you should look into boat life because $480 a month on a dock covered in snow will be just fine!  I’m appreciating this beautiful summer weather while I can though! 

This is another post that’s really interesting to read 2 years later.  When I suddenly needed my own apartment a couple months ago, that 2 bedroom in the apartment complex I mentioned above is now listed at $3400 a month.  Yeah, no.  I found a place for a few hundred cheaper than that, but I have no idea how I’m going to afford this place, especially all by myself.  I’ve been reading/watching things online about how we’re in a “Silent Depression” right now and that we are all actually in worse shape than we were during the Great Depression.  I see definitely feel and see that.  (I freaking love my apartment though. I’m looking forward to my first winter here off the boat.)